Junior High School

Schooling for Years 7-10 where students take a number of compulsory courses in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.

Senior High School

Schooling for Years 11-12 where students study specific subjects that they excel in or that relate to their future career or educational goals


English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students who wish to improve their English Language and Academic study skills.

Foundation Courses

Tertiary Preparation Programs that provide background knowledge for prospective international students who has not completed Grade 12 in Australia or equivalent intending to study further.

Diploma Courses

Vocational Qualifications that prepare students for both employment and further education and training in their chosen field using skills and knowledge based on fundamental principles and complex techniques.

Undergraduate Courses

This is the basic university qualification and is required for entry to a profession. Also prepares students for further postgraduate study if desired. Study usually involves major studies in an area where significant academic literature is available.

Masters Courses

Study that enhances specific professional or vocational skills, and involves acquiring an in-depth understanding of a specific area of knowledge usually by independent research.

PhD (Doctorate)

The highest award offered by Australian universities. Although traditional PhDs are research degrees, some programs may have a coursework component.