Frequently asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions by students at Sirus.

What are the differences between Tafe Colleges, Universities and Private Colleges in Australia?

TAFE are controlled and monitored by the State Government. Universities are owned by Private Companies or owners. The tuition fee is relatively inexpensive in Universities than TAFE Colleges.

Most TAFE Colleges do not offer Bachelor’s Degrees, The highest Course they offer are Associate Degrees. Universities offer courses from Foundations to PHD’s.

Do International Students Must be Accompanied by Parents ?

It is a compulsory requirement that International students under the age of 18 must have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements for the period of study in Australia. The guardian can be their parents, blood relatives or home stay parents nominated by schools. The primary school students must be accompanied with their parents during their study.

When Does secondary School Starts?

Schools in Australia have four terms commencing in January, April, July, and October. International students can enroll any of these terms except for students of Year 11 and 12.

Is It Possible to get Credits For Previous Study?

Students who have completed previous tertiary studies in their home country or in Australia may apply for credit towards their Higher studies in University.

What are the Services we can Expect From Sirus Education?

As the unique feature of Sirus Education, we will not only help you in selecting the right course for you and obtaining the necessary visa, but we will also help you to settle in Australia and assist you until you complete your studies.

What are the Best universities in Australia?

Different Universities excel in different areas of study. It really depends on what are of study you choose.

How Safe are the Home Stays in Australia?

Very safe. Before a University chooses a family to be a host family. They do background checks on all the people live in that house. All the adults living in that house must also have a valid Blue Card to be working with children under the age of 18. We also send a homestay profile to the prospective student’s family before we allocate the host family. Therefore Homestay in Australia is very safe.