Brisbane Student Hub | Opening August 20

Brisbane Student Hub | Opening August 20

The Brisbane Student Hub, a free, welcoming support service for international students will open its doors this Saturday, 20 August at the State Library of Queensland. Come celebrate the opening from 1pm with cake, snacks and rooftop lawn games!

The service, the first of its kind in Queensland, provides information, advice and referrals on healthcare, employment, budget management, accommodation and legal services, as well as connecting students to local events and activities.

What is the most exciting thing about the Brisbane Student Hub?

I’m most excited about the fact international students finally have a space to call their own in the heart of the city! I’m glad that students will have a space that they identify with, where they know that there will always be someone there for them.

International students often find it hard to meet local students which means their experience can sometimes be limited. Hopefully having the Hub in a central space frequented by both international and local students means greater opportunities to collaborate and work as one!

What features of The Edge are you looking forward to using?

I love that we have an open space that encourages creativity and versatility. The possibilities are endless given all the extra space outside by the lawn.

I look forward to having a series of personal and professional development workshops for international students that should hopefully help improve their experience whilst in Brisbane.

With the outdoor lawn and all the space around Southbank, I’d imagine we could be doing a fair bit of outdoor activities. After all, one complaint from international students is that they don’t get enough opportunities to get out!

Why is it important for Queensland to have a free support service for international students?

International students now make up the number one export industry market in terms of income for the state. It means lots of jobs and demand for goods and services which benefits all Queenslanders.

With such a massive influx of international students, there is a need to ensure these students fit in well and they have a place to turn to if they ever need anything. Every international student with a positive experience here is an ambassador for the state and Australia.

What do you enjoy most about living in Queensland?

I enjoy the liveability and outdoorsy nature of Brisbane – perks of living in a sunshine state where it is so easy to make your way out and just feel your spirits lift up because it is always so bright and sunny.

My favourite spot in Southbank would have to be GOMA and the study spaces in the library overlooking the Brisbane River – so easy to get lost in thoughts being mesmerised by the tranquillity.



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