Preparing to Study

Preparing to Study

Australian academic year

Generally, Australian universities have two semesters. The first is from February to June and the second from July to November. This can vary between universities. Many courses have start dates in either Semester 1 (February) or Semester 2 (July/August) and there is often an orientation week for new students in mid to late February. There is a two to four week break in July/August between semesters and a long summer holiday from November or December through to February.

What is an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE)?

The institution at which you are applying to study authorises an eCOE, which not only confirms your admission, but is a receipt for fees paid. Your eCOE details the timeframe within which you are required to complete your course. Failure to do so may see your visa revoked so make sure you stick to it!

Obtainingย a visa

The Australian Government has recently put in place faster, easier access to student visas. The streamlined process gives international students quicker processing times with financial requirements that are easier to meet.

You can find out more on Department of Home Affairsย 

What is the enrolment process?

This will vary from institution to institution, however enrolment can often be completed online before you arrive. Check your institutionโ€™s website for instructions on how to complete this process. Some institutions prefer you to complete enrolment once you arrive in Australia. Enrolment assistance and tutorials are generally available before the semester commences.

What will you need to arrange before your first class?

Starting off your new academic year with all you need to be prepared is really important.

Your individual needs will vary due to course selection โ€“ below is a general list to get you started.


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