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Are you looking to start your professional career with a well recognised university?

QUT is the right place to begin your dream!

General Manager of Sirus Education Australia, Ashani Yapa, was a student at QUT herself and in these short videos, she will take you inside the university and explain you more about her personal journey in Australia with the Queensland University of Technology!

Yes. You can join QUTIC just after your A/L, complete a Foundation in Just 8 months and move on to your Bachelors Degree. You will will graduate least 1.5 years ahead of your peers. Find our about Foundation and more Diplomas

From Science, Engineering to Law degrees, you have a lot of different choices of studies. Choose what you love the most and QUT will develop your passions into practical careers!

Watch these very interesting videos and listen to the teaching staff to help you understand more about QUT courses and opportunities.

Why do international students choose to start their studies at QUT?

QUT not only offer great understanding and knowledge of its courses the teaching staff convert the student's knowledge in something very practical, to create the workforce of the future!

What a great place to start your studies and future career, what are you waiting for?

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